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Download NetAddictFree BASIC software for free

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Download parental control software NetAddictFree
With parental control NetAddictFree

You know how long your child stay on computer and internet
You can control and limit daily usage duration
You can forbid access to websites depending on time slot
You know where your child goes on Internet
You receive in your mail box his/her usage statistics
You can remotely manage parental control setup
NetAddictFree BASIC 9
Free BASIC Parental control and internet time limiter
Catégorie : Parental Control
4.0 stars, based on 47 avis
Prix: 0,00
NetAddictMobile BASIC 2
Free BASIC Parental control time limiter for tablet and android smartphone
Catégorie : Controle parental
4.0 based on 3 avis
Price: 0,00